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Damian Aegerter on LinkedIn
Damian Aegerter
CEO / Cable expert
MSc elec. eng. ETH Zurich
Stephan Meier on LinkedIn
Stephan Meier
CTO / Development
PhD elec. eng. KTH Stockholm

Legal entity

Braavos GmbH
Schweiziweg 4
CH-5608 Stetten, Switzerland

Braavos Ltd.

Braavos Ltd. was founded 2015 and is located in Switzerland, in the energy canton of Aargau.

Braavos works closely together with partners to form an interdisciplinary team consisting of electrical and mechanical engineers and marketing professionals. It has good contacts to several cable manufacturers, installers and utilities.

We are fascinated by the potential of web-based tools and SaaS. And we are convinced that being able to use our engineering tools anytime, anywhere and on all operating systems without the hassle of traditional installation software brings an advantage for the users.

Emetor Inc.

Emetor Inc. was founded in 2009 and is located in Sweden, in the energy city of Västeras.

Emetor is an experienced solution provider for the design of scientific software. We have major international companies such as Bombardier Transportation or Atlas Copco Tools amongst our clients. Our customers always get our full attention and support.

We provide our clients with state-of-the-art software tools and services. We developed a highly flexible and customizable, web-based FEM-calculation tool for the design of electrical machines from which Cableizer has evolved.