Maximum effective pulling force

The conductors of the cable are generally the only members that can bear the pulling forces without damage. Do not use metallic shielding wires, tapes, braids or armor not designed for the purpose in pulling tension calculations.

Pulling different conductor sizes at the same time is not recommended if the conductor size orother cable characteristics are significantly different. If you must pull different size conductors, it must be done with care.

Pulling additional cables into an existing conduit system is generally not recommended. If this must be done, extreme caution must be taken. Of special concern is the cutting action of the tensioned pulling rope.

$\frac{F_{out}}{R_{p}}$1 cable
$\frac{F_{out}}{R_{p}}$2 cables
$\frac{F_{out} w_{p}}{2 R_{p}}$3 cables (triangular)
$\frac{F_{out} \left(3 w_{p} - 2\right)}{3 R_{p}}$3 cables (cradled)
$\frac{F_{out} \left(w_{p} - 1\right)}{R_{p}}$4 cables (diamond)