Material of enclosure

Refer to the list of conductor materials $M_{c}$ for additional information about the metals.

The alluminium alloy EN-AW 6060 (previsously E-AlMgSi0.5) is described in the document 'Aluminium in der Elektrotechnik und Elektronik' by Aluminium-Zentrale e.V., Düsseldorf, 1. Auflage. This hardened wrought alloy is used for flat, profile and tube busbars. Due to the added alloy, it has a higher strength than E-AlMgSi (Aldrey) with still good values for elongation and conductivity. In addition, it has a good chemical resistance. The alloy was acc. DIN EN 6101 A and the chemical denomination used to be E-AlMgSi(A), the new denomination is EN-AW 6060. The electrical conductivity is given to be 28-34 m/$\Omega$mm$^2$; and the thermal conductivity 200-220 W/(m.K); the worst value was used in the table below. However, datasheets from manufacturers like Aluminco and Brütsch-Rüegger state electrical conductivity to be 34-38 m/$\Omega$mm$^2$;Values for the themperature coefficient and specific heat capacity were not found, it is assumed they are approxmately the same as for Aldrey (AL3).

IdMaterial nameEl. resistivityTemp. coefficientThermal conductivitySpecific heat capacity
ENAW6060Aluminium-Alloy (EN-AW 6060)3.5714e-080.004200.02500000.0
SSStainless steel7e-070.00116.313760000.0