Construction of armour

Armour made out of steel (SWR, SWF, and ST) is magnetic, whereas stainless steel (SSR, SSF) as well as copper (CuWR, CuWF) and aluminium (AlWR) are considered being non-magnetic. TECK armour is considered being made out of aluminium and thus also non-magnetic.

SWRSteel wires, round
SWFSteel wires, flat
STSteel tape, touching
SSRStainless steel wires, round
SSFStainless steel wires, flat
CuWRCopper wires, round
CuWFCopper wires, flat
BrzWRBronze wires, round
BrsWRBrass wires, round
AlWRAluminium wires, round
TECKTECK, touching (Aluminium)