External diameter of conductor

The following conductor diameters are typical values as a function of the conductor cross-section.

The user can choose an arbitrary value not limited to the values in the choices below, but a warning is indicated if the conductor diameter seem unreasonably small.

For sector-shaped multi-core cables, the conductor diameter is defined as the diameter of the circle circumscribing the sector-shaped conductors. Based on that value, an equivalent diameter of the conductor $d_x$ is calculated.

IEC sizesmin.nom.Diameter [mm]
AWG sizesmin.nom.max.
0.5 mm$^2$0.918 AWG1.01.021.03
0.75 mm$^2$1.016 AWG1.261.291.3
1.0 mm$^2$1.214 AWG1.61.631.64
1.5 mm$^2$1.512 AWG2.012.052.07
2.5 mm$^2$1.910 AWG2.822.872.9
4 mm$^2$2.48 AWG3.533.613.63
6 mm$^2$ AWG4.424.524.57
10 mm$^2$ AWG5.615.725.77
16 mm$^2$ AWG7.047.197.26
25 mm$^2$ AWG8.038.188.26
35 mm$^2$ AWG9.029.199.3
50 mm$^2$ AWG10.0810.310.39
70 mm$^2$9.39.610.03/0 AWG11.3511.611.71
95 mm$^2$ AWG12.7513.013.13
120 mm$^2$12.313.015.0250 kcmil13.8914.214.33
150 mm$^2$13.714.416.2300 kcmil15.2115.515.67
185 mm$^2$15.315.816.4350 kcmil16.4616.816.97
240 mm$^2$17.618.218.9400 kcmil17.5817.918.11
300 mm$^2$19.720.021.1500 kcmil19.6320.020.24
400 mm$^2$22.323.024.6600 kcmil21.5622.022.23
500 mm$^2$25.326.026.8750 kcmil24.124.624.84
630 mm$^2$28.730.532.51000 kcmil27.8128.428.65
800 mm$^2$33.033.834.31250 kcmil31.1231.832.05
1000 mm$^2$ kcmil34.1134.835.15
1200 mm$^2$44.31750 kcmil36.8337.637.97
1400 mm$^2$47.52000 kcmil39.440.240.61
1600 mm$^2$50.02500 kcmil46.3
1800 mm$^2$52.83000 kcmil50.7
2000 mm$^2$55.54000 kcmil58.6
2500 mm$^2$62.05000 kcmil65.6
3000 mm$^2$66.0
3200 mm$^2$68.0
3500 mm$^2$70.0