Sidewall bearing pressure factor

Sidewall bearing pressure is exerted on a cable as it is pulled around a bend. Excessive sidewall bearing pressure can cause cable damage and is the most restrictive factor in many installations.

The value for the sidewall bearing pressure factor is determined based on the follwing equations and can optionally be applied to the calculation or excluded from it ($f_rad$ fixed to 1). When excluding the sidewall bearing pressure factor from the calculations, the resulting sidewall bearing pressure might be overestimated.

$1$1 cable
$\frac{f_{wc}}{2}$2 cables / 3 cables (triangular) / 4 cables (diamond)
$\frac{3f_{wc}-2}{3}$3 cables (cradled)
$\frac{4f_{wc}-3}{4}$4 cables (cradled)
$f_{wc}-1$5 cables / 6 cables
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