Weight correction factor

The configuration of cables can affect the pulling force. A weight correction factor is used in the equations to account for this effect.

The value for the weight correction factor is determined based on the follwing equations and can optionally be applied to the calculation or excluded from it ($f_{wc}$ fixed to 1). When excluding the weight correction factor from the calculations, the resulting pulling force might be underestimated.

$1$1 cable
$\frac{1}{\sqrt{1-\left(\frac{D_e}{Di_d-D_e}\right)^2}}$2 cables / 3 cables (triangular)
$1+1.33\left(\frac{D_e}{Di_d-D_e}\right)^2$3 cables (cradled) / 4 cables (diamond)
$1+2\left(\frac{D_e}{Di_d-D_e}\right)^2$4 cables (cradled)
$1.4$5 cables / 6 cables