Loss factor of screen and sheath

The power loss in the sheath or screen ($\lambda_1$) consists of losses caused by circulating currents ($\lambda_{1c}$) and eddy currents ($\lambda_{1e}$), thus $\lambda_1=\lambda_{1c}+\lambda_{1e}$.

Special cases are:

$\lambda_{1c} + \lambda_{1e}$general case
$\lambda_{1} - \lambda_{2}$with screen/sheath and non-magnetic armour
$- \lambda_{2} + \frac{W_{sA}}{W_{c}}$single-core with screen/sheath and magnetic armour, bonded to sheath at both ends
$\frac{R_{e}}{R_{c}}$single-core concentric
$0$without screen or sheath
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