Factor of minimal installation bending radius

The minimal bending radius after installation can be determined from the minimal bending radius factor multiplied with the external diameter of the cable $D_e$.

Insulation typeType of cableValue
Paper insulationsingle-core16 (U_n <= 30kV)
16 (U_n > 30kV)
Paper insulationmulti-core12 (U_n <= 30kV)
16 (U_n > 30kV)
Polymer insulationsingle-core12 (U_n <= 30kV)
16 (U_n > 30kV)
Polymer insulationmulti-core10 (U_n <= 30kV)
16 (U_n > 30kV)
Rubber insulationsingle-core9 (U_n <= 30kV)
12 (U_n > 30kV)
Rubber insulationmulti-core8 (U_n <= 30kV)
12 (U_n > 30kV)