Factor of minimal pulling bending radius

The minimal bending radius during cable pulling can be determined from the value given in the below table multiplied with the external diameter of the cable $D_e$.

Insulation typeType of cableValue
Paper insulationsingle-core20 (U_n <= 30kV)
20 (U_n > 30kV)
Paper insulationmulti-core15 (U_n <= 30kV)
20 (U_n > 30kV)
Polymer insulationsingle-core15 (U_n <= 30kV)
20 (U_n > 30kV)
Polymer insulationmulti-core12 (U_n <= 30kV)
20 (U_n > 30kV)
Rubber insulationsingle-core15 (U_n <= 30kV)
20 (U_n > 30kV)
Rubber insulationmulti-core12 (U_n <= 30kV)
20 (U_n > 30kV)