The Cableizer platform provides access to powerful modeling and simulation technology for energy cables – fast, efficient and flexible.

Cloud-based computing

use everywhere

No deployment, no hardware, no software installation.

Works on any device, even your smart phone

Access your cable portfolio and do the calculation right on site!

Running a stable Linux VM on Microsoft Azure with CDN.

Geo-redundant storage and daily backups keeps your data safe.

seamless updates and upgrades

Cableizer is under heavy development. You profit from new features and corrections immediately and automatically. No more waiting for a new version being promised forever!

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You can share cables or projects with colleagues, clients or our support for efficient work.

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sample cables

We offer you a library with more than 100 sample cables, ranging from 1 to 400 kV, single-core, three-core, with armour, etc. All based on standards such as VDE, IEC and HD.

build your own portfolio

You can store as many cables and project as you like. The search filters let you find them quickly.

Cable library

Modelling and Calculations

model cables

Cableizer uses sofisticated code to visualize the cable in a three-dimensional model and updates instantly after changes in the editor.

No image needs to be downloaded in the background.

Cable preview in 3D Cable preview in 2D

cables in air

All options offered by IEC can be used, plus cables in pipes and grouped cables with solar radiation.

Additionally, a solar calculator with google earth integration is available.

Cables in air

buried cables

You can create laying arrangements made out of multiple cable systems of different cables, all having different frequencies and loading, plus multiple heat sources and sinks at the same time. You can also use rectangular duct banks and backfills of any size and drying-out of soil with multiple systems.

Additionally, a soil temperature calculator is available.

Buried cables

temperature field

You can calculate the temperature distribution in the soil and show the increase in temperature due to power cables or heat sources/sinks.

You can define the temperature range manually.

Soil temperature distribution

magnetic fields

You can calculate the magnetic field of multi-frequency systems, set the load flow or a phase-shift for each system. The output is in brilliant 2D isolines and in 1D lines above ground.

Magnetic fields

multiple cable crossings

You can calculate the crossing at any angle of one or multiple cable systems with one or multiple other cable systems or heat sources.

The calculation method is based on IEC 60287-3-3 but much extended. Cableizer is the only software that can calculate multiple crossings.

Multiple cable crossings

weight of cable

The cable editor calculates the total weight of the cable per meter. The weight of the metallic parts such as copper, aluminium and steel are shown as well as the weight of the 'empty' hollow cable.

This gives input for

  • cable pulling calculation
  • total weight of drums for transportation studies
  • estimation of cost of cable
Cable mechanical weight

soil temperature calculator

The soil temperature calculator helps you to estimate the ambient soil temperature at a particular lying depth and day of year. In climates with distinct seasons one observes temperature changes in the uppermost soil meters. The upper soil layers are heated in the summer, while the deeper layers are still cold and while the heat propagates downwards, air temperatures are already dropping again.

Soil temperature curves

solar radiation calculator

The solar radiation calculator is a tool that estimates the intensity of solar radiation for a given day and a given place depending on its location and altitude. The calculations assume clear weather conditions and assume that the location is not shaded. Enter the latitude and altitude of the location or select the values directly from google maps.

You are free to use the calculator to evaluate your next summer vacation destination.

Solar radiation curves


get comprehensive reports

The simulation results are being displayed online and you are free to download them as high-end PDF. The results include all input parameters necessary to setup the study and all the main output data.

Cable data sheets are available for all cables.

Reports are adjustable:

  • show/hide all formulas/equations
  • show/hide electrical parameters
  • show/hide circuit current calculations
  • show/hide warnings
  • show all parameters or only the most important ones
  • include/exclude cable data sheets in report

Missing data on the report? All parameters and results used by the database can be printed, just let us know!


Download the sample report to see for youself PDF

Sample report

and use more features...

  • Drying-out of soil
  • Electrical parameters
  • Phase splitting
  • Four cables in common duct
  • Coaxial cables with return of current in screen
  • Cyclic loading
  • Complete range of conductor sizes IEC and AWG
  • Double-layer armour
  • Non-isothermal earth surface
  • Short circuit calculations for all metallic layers

Do you have a specific analysis or application in mind? Let us know!