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There are no additional hidden costs for upgrades or service fees.
There are no additional hidden costs for support.
We try to minimize active support in order to keep it free and to have more time for the evelopment of new features and modules from which you profit directly. Therefore we limit our support to e-mails and occasionally web-sessions.
We also provide you with an extensive online documentation which contains all parameters and we encourage our users to make use of this.
We offer an add-on module for pressurized air cables (PAC, Hivoduct) or gas insulated lines (GIL, Siemens) upon request.
PAC/GIL can be calculated in air, buried, in tunnels, and brand new also in troughs.
Of course it is possible to combine in your project the PAC/GIL with cables and heat sources.
The module is now free to use, without support.

Send inquiry for support

Check here if you are eligible for a free trial and the conditions that apply.
The free trial is not intended to be used for project work but only for testing the functionalities of our product.
We reserve the right to reject an application, for example if we cannot clearly identify the applicant.
With a Cableizer subscription, you can run an unlimited number of cable ampacity calculations for an unlimited number of projects. All standard methods and modules are included.
Access to is blocked for Russia and its friends Belarus, China, Eritrea, Iran, North Korea, Syria.
Access is possible but no new orders taken for users from Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.
If you need multiple subscriptions within your organization, we can set up an invoicing team for you.
We offer a 20 % reduction on your second subscription, and a 30 % reduction on all further subscriptions.
Send us a quotation request providing all necesary information: Full name, company name and address, user account name and email, desired start of the subscriptions and its duration (minimum of 1 year).
Cableizer base currency is Euros (EUR) and Swiss francs (CHF).
Customers in the Euro area need to pay in EUR. Swiss customers and customers in Lichtenstein need to pay in CHF. Customers outside of the Euro and Swiss franc zone can select from a list of currencies.
We use the official ECB Euro foreign exchange reference rates against the EUR.
We provide our services from Switzerland. For Swiss customers, the Swiss VAT (MwSt) is added to the prices above.
For customers outside of Switzerland, additional taxes/VAT may be added as legally required.
The amount of taxes/VAT is shown before you place an order.
By default, payments are done by credit card through our payment service provider Stripe for an immediate activation of your subscription.
Payment by invoice is only possible on special request. If you prefer to pay by invoice, you can choose to receive an invoice with the necessary bank details for payment through your bank (SEPA or international bank transfers). The chosen subscription will be activated once the payment was received.
For invoice payments in other currencies than EUR or CHF, we add a small ∼2 % surcharge on the rates to cover for additional bank fees.
We are a small team and try everything we can to minimize the administrative overhead to have more time for development and direct user support. This is the reason we prefer credit card payment where the process is almost fully automated. Order by invoice causes additional administrative work. This workload is the same for all subscription durations and that is why we only accept payment by invoice for 1- or 2-year subscriptions. Thank you for your understanding.
Once your subscription has ended it will not automatically be renewed. In order to prolong your subscription, you will have to place a new order.
If you pay by invoice, you can optionally choose to automatically receive a new invoice 2 weeks before your active subscription expires.
Your subscription will be directly available after you place your order if you choose to pay by credit card.
If you pay by invoice, the subscription will be available once the payment was received.
The subscription will be available for the duration of the corresponding plan. If you already have an active subscription, it will be extended by the duration of your ordered plan.
You will no longer be able to run any ampacity calculations. However, all your cable and project data will stay available at your full control. As soon as you place a new order, you will have full access to Cableizer once more.
Since launch of Cableizer in June 2015, we have increased our prices only once in March 2021 due to increased costs for enhanced safety and performance of our servers
Our Terms and Conditions and the data privacy regulations can be found here.