With a Cableizer subscription, you can run an unlimited number of ampacity calculations for an unlimited number of projects. With the following pricing alternatives, Cableizer is well suited both for your occasional projects, as well as for continuous use in your organization.

All subscriptions are without automatic renewal and no additional hidden costs for upgrades or service fees.

1 month our regular price 300.00 EUR Order now
2 months 10% discount 540.00 EUR Order now
3 months 15% discount 765.00 EUR Order now
6 months 25% discount 1350.00 EUR Order now
1 year 30% discount 2520.00 EUR Order now
2 years 35% discount 4680.00 EUR Order now

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If you need multiple subscriptions, you may send us a quotation request to Please provide all necesary information: Your full name, Cableizer e-mail or login, company and address, number of subscriptions, your desired start of the subscriptions and their duration (minimum of 6 months). We'll be glad to send you a personal proposal.
Cableizer does support Euros, US dollars, Swiss francs, Pound sterlings, and Australian dollars. We use the official ECB Euro foreign exchange reference rates without any additional fees.
However, Swiss customers can by default only pay in Swiss francs, and customers from the Eurozone can only pay in Euros.
We provide our services from Switzerland. For Swiss customers, the Swiss VAT (MwSt) is added to the prices above. For customers outside of Switzerland, additional taxes/VAT may be added as legally required. The amount of taxes/VAT is shown before you place an order.
Check here if you are eligible for a free trial and the conditions that apply.
By default, payments are done by credit card through our payment service provider Stripe for an immidiate activation of your subscription. If you prefer to pay by invoice, you can choose to receive an invoice with the necessary bank details for payment through your bank (SEPA or international bank transfers). The chosen subscription will be activated once the payment was received. Payment by invoice is only possible on special request.
No, once your subscription has ended it will not automatically be renewed. In order to prolong your subscription, you will have to place a new order.
Your subscription will be directly available after you place your order if you choose to pay by credit card. If you pay by invoice, the subscription will be available once the payment was received.
The subscription will be available for the duration of the corresponding plan. If you already have an active subscription, it will be extended by the duration of your ordered plan.
You will no longer be able to run any ampacity calculations. However, all your cable and project data will stay available at your full control. As soon as you place a new order, you will have full access to Cableizer once more.
Our Terms and Conditions can be found here.