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Cableizer site search (2021-01-28)
... such a way you could search for T_4 to get links to all external thermal resistances in our documentation. On the search site, advanced ...
Cableizer validation compared to CYMCAP (2020-05-17)
... the pipe itself applies to the $T_4$, and this $T_4$ applies to all three cables. The exact location of the cable inside the duct is ...
Thermal resistance to ambient T_4mu [K.m/W]
Thermal resistance of the duct wall T_4ii [K.m/W]
Transient thermal resistance for yearly load T_4y [K.m/W]
Effective transient thermal resistance in the earth for yearly load (transient period $\tau$ of 1 year):For ...
Equivalent thermal resistance for tunnel T_4t [K.m/W]
A delta-star transformation is used to derive the following parameters used to calculate the equivalent ...
Transient thermal resistance for weekly load T_4w [K.m/W]
Effective transient thermal resistance in the earth for weekly load (transient period $\tau$ of 7 days):In ...
Transient thermal resistance for daily load T_4d [K.m/W]
Effective transient thermal resistance in the earth for a transient period of $\tau$. The used equations ...
Thermal resistance of medium in the duct T_4i [K.m/W]
Thermal resistance between cable and duct.The equation for ducts with bentonite filling is based on ...
Correction of thermal resistance for backfill T_4db [K.m/W]
When the cables or ducts are embedded in concrete, the calculation of the thermal resistance $T_{4iii}$ ...

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