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Improved security, performance, and reliability with Cloudflare (2021-01-10)
... image shows our new setup: Security Cloudflare stops malicious traffic and keeps hackers and attackers away from your data on ...
Cableizer site search (2021-01-28)
... results for the search term: security. The search results are from 2021-01-27; you can get an updated result by pressing the previous ...
Updated credit card payments (2020-09-08)
... ( Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) and new regulatory requirements like SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) for European ...
Increased safety and privacy (2019-09-20)
These last days we have further increased the safety of the Cableizer web application. We have also ...
Data privacy
... provides an especially high level of security during data transfer. If you choose unencrypted transmission, this is at your own risk. Web ...
Factor of permissible pull f_ppc [N/mm$^2$]
Where a cable is to be pulled using a winch and steel wire rope, the rope may be secured to the cable ...
Heat of Combustion (2018-03-22)
... institution for fire protection and security is taken as a reference. Please refer to the English version of the leaflet for the Calculation ...
Terms and conditions
... measures in order to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the customer data. 6 Braavos grants use of the software immediately ...
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