Cableizer - The Online Cable Optimizer

Cableizer is a software for design and calculation of power cable systems. It is completely web-based (SaaS) and as such accessible anywhere, easily customisable, requires no installation or maintenance, and is secure.

  • Software guided design of cables up to 500 kV!
  • Rating calculations for cables and gas insulated lines
  • More stuff like cable pulling, magnetic fields, soil temperature, etc.
  • Web-based without any installation or dongle but with automatic updates
  • Work together with other people using share links
  • Support from experienced cable technology experts

Latest News

Updated method for typesetting formulas (2021-09-01)
Formulas in the documentation and the reports are not simplified any more. As such, formulas are now easier to understand and compare to relevant standards.

Choice of system load and its influence on the solver (2021-06-15)
Considerations about how to define the load of a system and how this choice influences the simulation results in Cableizer.

Cableizer account security (2021-06-14)
Get recommendations to help you keep your Cableizer account secure and up-to-date.

Cable pulling considerations (2021-06-07)
In this article various topics are discussed regarding cable pulling, specifically the usage of weight correction factors and sidewall bearing pressure factors for pulling up to 6 cables in a duct. And we discuss about the conduit jamming ratio and how it is considered according to different manuals.

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