What is Cableizer?

Cableizer is a software package for the design of power cable systems using electrical, mechanical, thermal and environmental calculations.

Cableizer is completely web-based because we believe SaaS is the future: It is cost effective, accessible anywhere, easily customisable, has improved interoperability, offers easier installation and maintenance, and offers tighter security than desktop applications.

  • We started in June 2015 and are developing heavily.
  • We offer monthly subscriptions for a fair price.
  • We are a small team working in the cable business for years.


  • Software guided design of cables up to 500 kV!
  • Cable calculations including mass, heat of combustion, CO2, price, etc.
  • System calculations of current rating and cable pulling
  • Environmental calculations incl. magnetic fields and soil temperature rise
  • Web-based without any installation or dongle but with automatic updates
  • Work together directly together with client and supplier using share links
  • Support from engineers with many years of practical experience

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Latest Blog Posts

Cableizer validation test suite 2020 Q1 (Jan 27 2020)
Update of the results from our automatic test suite that validates our simulation engine.

Solving for outer temperature (Nov 27 2019)
In addition to solving your systems for a given maximum conductor temperature or conductor current, it is now also possible to directly calculate a cable system for a given maximum outer temperature.

Cable design limitations (Oct 17 2019)
In order to assist the user, we are limiting some cable configurations that do not conform to the standards or common practice.

Validation of emergency rating calculations acc. IEC 60853-2 (Oct 01 2019)
The emergency rating calculations have now been updated and validated according to IEC standard 60853-2.

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