The Online Cable Optimizer

What is Cableizer?

Cableizer is a software package for the design of power cable systems using electrical, mechanical, thermal and environmental calculations.

Cableizer is completely web-based because we believe SaaS is the future: It is cost effective, accessible anywhere, easily customisable, has improved interoperability, offers easier installation and maintenance, and offers tighter security than desktop applications.

  • We started in June 2015 and are developing heavily.
  • We offer monthly subscriptions for a fair price.
  • We are a small team working in the cable business for years.


  • Software guided design of cables up to 500 kV!
  • Cable calculations including mass, heat of combustion, CO2, price, etc.
  • System calculations of current rating and cable pulling
  • Environmental calculations incl. magnetic fields and soil temperature rise
  • Web-based without any installation or dongle but with automatic updates
  • Work together directly with customers and suppliers using share links
  • Support from engineers with many years of practical experience

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Latest News

Meet us at CIRED 2021 (2021-02-15)
Cableizer is participating at the CIRED 2021 conference in Geneva, Switzerland, on 20 - 23 September 2021, where Damian Aegerter will present two papers.

Cableizer site search (2021-01-28)
With our new custom site search functionality all information on Cableizer is now at your fingertips.

Download datasheets and reports as spreadsheets (2021-01-19)
It is now possible to download datasheets and reports both in PDF and CSV format, with the later being your preferred solution if you want to access and manipulate your data in a spreadsheet, for example in Microsoft Excel.

Improved security, performance, and reliability with Cloudflare (2021-01-10)
During the last week of 2020, we have done a lot of maintenance work and upgrades on our server infrastructure to make Cableizer safer, more reliable and more performant. All our traffic is now protected and accelerated through Cloudflare.

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