What is Cableizer?

Cableizer is a software for the design of power cables and mechanical, electrical and thermal calculations.

Being web-based you can work on Windows or Mac and on-site using your laptop or tablet. You access your account with login and password. All you need is a current browser and an internet connection.

Create and store as many cables and arrangements as you like free of charge. When you need to make ampacity calculations for a project, you simply order a monthly subscription for a fair price. We invoice in EUR, USD or CHF.

Once the subscription runs out, only calculation is blocked and no data is lost.

Read who is behing it and what services we can provide you.


Check out all the features of Cableizer such as:

  • Software guided design of single and multicore cables from 400 V to 500 kV!
  • Calculation of cable rating based on IEC 60287 and Neher McGrath, cable wheight and metal contents, magnetic fields, soil temperature distribution, solar radiation, electrical parameters, etc.!
  • Web-based and works without dongle or network license. No installation needed and works from anywhere on any device!
  • Support from cable project engineers with practical experience!
  • Frequent upgrades and updates included!
  • Share cables and projects with your co-worker, consultant or client!
  • Running on MS Azure Server with CDN with encrypted communication and SSL certified by Comodo!SSL Certificate

Latest news

Two armour layers with separation (Sep 02 2016)
Calculating the ampacity of a cable system correctly starts with the precise modeling of the cable. The user shall be able to model a cable as close to reality as possible, visually, electrically and thermally. As a result from our participation at the Cigré 2016 in Paris, we have now introduced a separation layer between the two metallic armour layers.

Cyclic loading with daily, weekly, and yearly load factors (Aug 16 2016)
Using the Neher McGrath method for the calculation of the rating of buried cables under cyclic loading conditions allows for a daily, weekly, and yearly load factor in the same calculation.

Variation of spacing between sheath bonding points (Jul 03 2016)
For single-core cable circuits with sheaths solidly bonded at both ends and possibly at intermediate points, the circulating currents and the resulting losses increase as the spacing increases, and it is advisable to use as close a spacing as possible. The optimum spacing is achieved by considering both losses and mutual heating between cables.

Phase splitting (Jun 26 2016)
Phase splitting can be used to drastically reduce the magnetic fields of buried power cables. Also, the conductor cross-section can be less than half because the current is only half per split system and it can give a partial redundancy of about 60% or even more in case of a cable failure on one split system.

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