What is Cableizer?

Cableizer is a software package for the design of power cable systems using electrical, mechanical, thermal and environmental calculations. Being web-based you can work on Windows and Mac or on site using your tablet.

We started 2016 and are developing heavily.

We offer monthly subscriptions for a fair price.
No need to buy an expensive software with service contract.

We are a small team working in the cable business for years.


Check out all the features of Cableizer such as:

  • Software guided design of cables up to 500 kV!
  • Cable calculations including cable mass, heat of combustion, mechanical forces, ..
  • System calculations of current rating and cable pulling
  • Environmental calculations incl. magnetic fields and soil temperature rise
  • Web-based = no installation and no more dongle
  • Share the work easily with co-workers, client or consultant
  • Support from engineers with many years of practical experience
  • Updates and new features included

Latest Blog Posts

Cable design limitations (Oct 17 2019)
In order to assist the user, we are limiting some cable configurations that do not conform to the standards or common practice.

Validation of emergency rating calculations acc. IEC 60853-2 (Oct 01 2019)
The emergency rating calculations have now been updated and validated according to IEC standard 60853-2.

Increased safety and privacy (Sep 20 2019)
These last days we have further increased the safety of the Cableizer web application. We have also decided to remove Google Analytics in order to increase your personal privacy.

Updated method for electrical resistance input of conductor (Aug 23 2019)
The electrical resistance of cable conductors can now be modelled in the cable editor in three different ways to better illustrate how the value is calculated / provided.

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