Cableizer validation test suite 2015 Q1

Continuously validating Cableizer is a task we take serious. Our extensive test suite ensures that your simulation results are always accurate and reliable.

Posted 2015-04-02
Categories: Validation

Cableizer is continuously and automatically validating its simulation results against accredited values from publications and data sheets of cable suppliers. All validation is collected in a comprehensive test suite, which allows us to ensure that modifications to our code do not affect the simulation results unexpectedly. The test suite is also a measure to track our performance compared to our references:

DateNumber of testsMaximum deviationStandard deviation
January 201576< 10 %2.1 %
February 2015108< 5 %1.4 %
February 2015133< 5.4 %1.4 %
March 2015144< 5.3 %1.7 %

In January 2015, all calculated ampacities have been within 10% of the values from our references. Approximately 68% of our simulation results (one standard deviation) have been within ± 2% of the reference values. Deviations can be due to the following reasons (non exhaustive list):

  • Small variations in the simulation setup (both cable and project definition) as compared to the reference, often due to incomplete information.
  • Different ways of interpreting the IEC standards.
  • Differences in applied calculation algorithms: Cableizer does for example not use simplified equations (which were meant to ease calculations using paper and pencil for certain cases) or neglect dielectric losses, even if those measures are permitted according to IEC standards under certain conditions.
  • Calculation errors cannot be completely ruled out, both in Cableizer but in certain cases also in the used references.