2015 archive

Two-/Three-core cables

Posted on 2015-12-18

Enhanced modelling of multi-core cables and redefined calculation of its screen/sheath losses and internal thermal resistances.

Cableizer validation test suite 2015 Q4

Posted on 2015-12-16

Continuously validating Cableizer is a task we take serious. Our extensive test suite is a supportive tool to verify our calculations after modifications in the formulas or solver routine.

Three-core cables belted or screened

Posted on 2015-12-14

Modelling and calculation of the internal thermal resistance and ampacity of 3-core belted cables and screened cables with fillers.

Armour losses and double-layer armour

Posted on 2015-11-20

The IEC standard 60287-1-1 describes methods to calculate the armour loss factor but does so for one layer of armour only. Other ampacity calculation programs allow the user to model as well only one layer. This poses a certain problem to correctly calculate the losses of a cable with two armour layers such as submarine cables or certain three-core cables. In addition, Cableizer offers some further improvements in calculating armour losses as compared to its competitors or the IEC standard.

Drying-out of soil with multiple systems

Posted on 2015-11-02

The method described in the IEC 60287 standard to calculate buried cables where partial drying-out of the soil occurs is limited to a single isolated cable or circuit only. Cableizer introduced a calculation method for multiple systems according to a method by VDE.

Cableizer at Jicable'15

Posted on 2015-06-23

Meet the Cableizer team at Jicable'15 in Versailles, Paris.

Soil Temperature Calculator

Posted on 2015-04-20

The online soil temperature calculator is based on a simplified mathematical model describing the expected temperature curve in the soil. It is especially useful to estimate the maximum soil temperature at a certain lying depth of buried cables.