Ampacity calculations for deeply buried objects

Posted on 2021-04-18

When simulating objects that are buried deeper than a couple of metres one needs to consider the thermal inertia of the surrounding soil. Cableizer offers an alternative approach to calculate the ampacity with an equivalent depth for deeply buried objects.

Buried projects with backfills

Posted on 2020-08-25

Based on two example arrangements it is described how buried systems in backfills are modelled and simulated in Cableizer. Some uncertainties of this new analytical method for buried systems are also discussed. Compared to the previous method and the IEC method (however, it is unclear if the IEC method is at all as generally applicable as the proposed method which allows for different backfills and multiple differently loaded cable systems and heat sources), this new analytical method changes how the number of loaded objects in the backfill is interpreted and how the calculation of the temperature rise of a system due to other sources is calculated. If you previously have been simulating multiple systems in backfills (which probably did not even converge), we strongly advise you to simulate them again.

Validation of emergency rating calculations acc. IEC 60853-2

Posted on 2019-10-01

The emergency rating calculations have now been updated and validated according to IEC standard 60853-2.

Cable Rating Calculations for Ground-Mounted Photovoltaic Power Plants

Posted on 2019-03-13

With the increasing number and scale of photovoltaic power plants and their cyclic nature of power generation, accurate cable rating calculations become essential in order to optimize their capacity. This blog post discusses the underlying basic theory, the applicable standards, and their implementation in the web-based cable rating software Cableizer.

Embodied energy and carbon

Posted on 2018-06-08

In order to reduce the carbon footprint it is important that we account for the energy that is embodied in the materials that we use. With Cableizer you can calculate the embodied energy and carbon of any cable.

Heat of Combustion

Posted on 2018-03-22

The gross heat of combustion value - also known as energy value or calorific value - is used to quantify the energy content of a cable in case of a fire. Cableizer calculates the value automatically for each cable.

Considerations for cable laying

Posted on 2018-02-27

The service reliability of a cable systems depends not only on the quality of the cable itself, but also to a large extent on the methods used and the care taken in laying the cable. In this blog post we list some things you should consider.