Cableizer validation test suite 2016 Q4

Continuously validating Cableizer is a task we take serious. Our extensive test suite is a supportive tool to verify our calculations after modifications in the formulas or solver routine.

Posted 2017-01-15
Categories: Validation

Cableizer is continuously and automatically validating its simulation results. All validation is collected in a comprehensive test suite, which allows us to ensure that modifications to our code do not affect the simulation results unexpectedly. Deviations between the calculated value and the previous result as well as between the calculated value and a reference value are analysed. The reference values are results from technical papers, books, data sheets of cable suppliers as well as results from competitors for the same cable construction and laying arrangement.

Even though we made same major changes in July of the formulas for the $T$s and $θ$s and the solver, the test results remained very stable. We now face the challenge that mostly our newly integrated methods are not covered by other tools and cannot be compared directly.

DateNumber of testsMaximum deviationStandard deviationVariance
November - December 2016no modifications
July - October 2016147 (140)+11.85/-8.38 % (+5.42/-8.38 %)2.55 % (1.92 %)0.06 % (0.04 %)
April - June 2016147 (140)+11.85/-8.38 % (+5.42/-8.38 %)2.55 % (1.91 %)0.06 % (0.04 %)

Results in brackets are without 7 tests for three-core cables. For explanations, refer to this blog post

Results before March 2016 can be found in previous posts.