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Today's major update brings the server, the database, and all programs to the cutting edge, eliminating several minor errors and incorporating many improvements, the most visible being the choice of font in the report.

Posted on July 4, 2020
Categories: New feature

This update includes both serif and sans serif fonts in a wide variation, so that all users hopefully can find a suitable font. Some popular fonts could not be included as they take too much space and, therefore, did not fit the format of the report. Some other fonts did not work for equations. And still some other fonts were not readily available in LaTeX.

Listed below are the available fonts for the report and a preview of how text and equations are displayed.

Computer Modern

Computer Modern Bright

Computer Modern Sans Serif

Fira Sans



Iwona Light


Kurier Light

Latin Modern Roman

Libertinus Serif

New TX

You can change your font choice for the report in your preferences. This feature has been implemented on a user request. If we can make your life easier, do not hesitate to contact us!