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With our new custom site search functionality all information on Cableizer is now at your fingertips.

Posted 2021-01-28
Categories: New feature, Tips and tricks

Cableizer tries to be as transparent as possible with the methods we use and we strive to share our knowledge with our customers. This results in a lot of information that we publish on our website. With our new custom site search functionality it is now much easier to find the information you need to get out the most of Cableizer. Please consider the following points when searching Cableizer.

  • The search box is available in the top banner on every page or on After typing your search query, please press 'ENTER' or click on the magnifying glass in the search box.
  • Search is currently only possible in English, please translate your search query to English.
  • By default, we add a wildcard to the end of your seach query in order to get better search results. In such a way you could search for T_4 to get links to all external thermal resistances in our documentation.
  • On the search site, advanced search options are described that help to structure your search query.
  • When you misspelled your search query or there could not be found any search result, we propose an alternative search term.
  • Search hits from our news display the title, the publication date, and a short abstract with highlighted search terms. Additionally, search hits of parameters from our documentation display the parameter name (symbol) and the default unit (if applicable).
The image below shows the search results for the search term: security. The search results are from 2021-01-27; you can get an updated result by pressing the previous link.

Example of search results