Cableizer validation test suite 2020 Q1

Update of the results from our automatic test suite that validates our simulation engine.

Posted 2020-01-27
Categories: Validation

Cableizer is continuously and automatically validating its simulation results. All validation is collected in a comprehensive test suite, which allows us to ensure that modifications to our code do not affect the simulation results unexpectedly. Deviations between calculated values and previous results as well as between calculated values and reference values are analysed. The reference values are results from standards, technical papers, books, data sheets of cable suppliers, as well as results from competitors for the same cable construction and laying arrangement.

Since our last publication, which was over 3 years ago, we have considerably extended our test suite with maintained results. The test suite is run previous te every version deploy, while the results are only published when there are major deviations to previously published results.

Number of tests269147
Maximum positive deviation+11.8 %+11.85 %
Maximum negative deviation-9.4 %-8.38 %
Mean deviation-0.3 %N.A.
Standard deviation2.6 %2.55 %

If you would like us to include a specific test case, do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We would be happy to assist you in validating Cableizer for your specific use case.