Discontinuation of GridCableMax

The operation of the online cable rating software GridCableMax will discontinue soon. After careful consideration, the GridCableMax team recommended its users to switch to Cableizer. We are glad to offer all existing GridCableMax users a substantial discount on their first subscription and to welcome them to our platform.

Posted 2020-11-30
Categories: News

GridCableMax was a user friendly program to determine cable ratings including current rating, temperature rise and cable losses of high voltage power cables under multiple scenarios and installation conditions in accordance with IEC standard 60287. Launched in 2015, GridCableMax has as such been on the market nearly as long as Cableizer. GridCableMax was also cloud based and has been the only full-fledged online alternative to Cableizer.

GridCableMax logo

In December 2019, the parent company of GridCableMax was acquired by a third party, but the rights for the GridCableMax software and trading name were excluded from this acquisition. As a consequence of a lack of funding and resources, the GridCableMax team has decided to discontinue their platform by the 15th of November 2020.

Together with the GridCableMax team, we are offering all affected GridCableMax customers the opportunity to swap their GridCableMax licence for a Cableizer subscription at a special discounted price. The motivation of the GridCableMax team for their recommendation to switch to Cableizer is as follows:

Cableizer is probably the best cable sizing tool in the market, arguably the only real competitor to CYMCAP. In fact, Cableizer exceeds the performance of CYMCAP in many aspects.

Carlos Galvan, GridCableMax

We would like to warmly welcome all GridCableMax users to the Cableizer platform.