Improved security, performance, and reliability with Cloudflare

During the last week of 2020, we have done a lot of maintenance work and upgrades on our server infrastructure to make Cableizer safer, more reliable and more performant. All our traffic is now protected and accelerated through Cloudflare.

Posted 2021-01-10
Categories: New feature

Despite the challenges and worries of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, 2020 has been a fantastic year for Cableizer with many new and existing loyal customers and a licence sales increase of 138%. The increasing number of customers and visitors together with new technical developments has made it necessary to improve our server infrastructure. Supported by Cloudflare, Cableizer is now safer, more reliable and more performant than ever. The following image shows our new setup:

Cloudflare working principle


Cloudflare stops malicious traffic and keeps hackers and attackers away from your data on our server. Cloudflare does also protect Cableizer from critical vulnerabilities and threats and safeguards our network infrastructure against DDoS attacks.


By using the Cloudflare infrastructure, we profit from a large improvement in global response time as well as improvement in targeted content delivery time. Their global network offers reduced latency and time to first byte by delivering content closer to our visitors.

We have also implemented several improvements on our server: JavaScript and CSS files are now compressed into single cached files, both reducing the number of requests and the size of the data that needs to be transferred. Content is also served compressed in both gzip and Brotli formats, setting far-future cache headers on content which won’t change. In addition, all content is now served with HTTP/2 per default (previously HTTP/1.1 only).


Cloudflare ensures the availability of Cableizer by protecting us from malicious requests and by leveraging their massive edge network for DNS and CDN services, improving DNS resolution times and avoiding DNS-related attacks and outages.

If you should experience any problems after these updates, please send us a message.