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These last days we have further increased the safety of the Cableizer web application. We have also decided to remove Google Analytics in order to increase your personal privacy.

Posted on September 20, 2019
Categories: New feature

Content delivery network (CDN) for static files

All static files are now served from a CDN from our own subdomain: "". This subdomain has it own SSL-certificate in order to allow secure connections. For the user it is now clearly visible which files are served from Cableizer, and which files are third-party resources. This update allows our customers to have more restrictive policies that block external content in order to increase safety and still be able to use all the Cableizer features.

Google Analytics and cookies

We have decided to drop Google Analytics from Cableizer (coming with the next release) in order to increase the personal privacy of our users. From now on, we will rather rely on direct customer contact than on general Google Analytics trends in order to further develop the usability of Cableizer.

With the upcoming removal of Google Analytics, we will only be using technical cookies to identify the user session ("sessionid") and to avoid cross-site request forgery ("csrftoken"). These two cookies are necessary in order to ensure a proper and safe functioning of Cableizer. We will not use any non-technical or third-party cookies.

Any concerns?

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding safety or privacy? We are also very interested in your feedback regarding the usability of Cableizer. Together, we can make a difference!