Planner and client logos in report

With the upcoming release of Cableizer, we are glad to finally introduce a feature that has been in demand for quite some time: The possibility to add a planner and client logo in your reports and datasheets.

Posted 2020-03-13
Categories: New feature

With the next release of Cableizer it will finally be possible to add your logo as a planner, as well as the logo of your client in your reports, as shown in the following example.

Report with planner and client logos

Adding these logos is optional, and you can have both, either one only, or none, as it fits you. You can conveniently choose which logos to include in your preferences or directly in the options of your projects or when generating a datasheet.

Options for planner and client logos

With the possibility to upload multiple logos, you can easily switch between different client logos before running your simulations. This is conveniently done in our 'Manage logos' pop-up, where you can browse for a logo, position it to fit our 250x60 pixels logo format, and finally upload it to our server. You can also select both a planner logo and a client logo from all your uploaded logos (or 'None' for not including a logo), and delete logos than are no longer used.

Manage planner and client logos

We hope that you like this upcoming new feature. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you have a need for new or customized Cableizer features.