Updated invoice payments with automatic subscription renewal

Customers that pay by invoice can now opt in to automatically receive a new invoice 2 weeks before their active subscription expires.

Posted 2020-12-08
Categories: New feature

The default payment method for a Cableizer subscription is by credit card through our payment service provider Stripe. This method has the advantage that your subscription is immediately activated and reduces our administrative effort.

Payment by invoice is, however, possible on special request for recurring customers. If you prefer to pay by invoice, you can choose to receive an invoice with the necessary bank details for payment through your bank (SEPA or international bank transfers). Your chosen subscription will be activated once the payment was received. For invoice payments in other currencies than EUR or CHF, we add a small 2% surcharge on the rates to cover for additional bank fees.

By default, once your subscription has ended it will not automatically be renewed. In order to prolong your subscription, you will have to place a new order. If you pay by invoice, you can now optionally choose to automatically receive a new invoice 2 weeks before your active subscription expires. In order to opt in for automatic renewal, please navigate to the subscription page, and select the desired renewal interval, the desired currency, and an optional comment such as an order number.

Automatics subscription renewal

Please be aware that automatic subscription renewal is only available for customers that can pay by invoice and have an active subscription. It is also currently not possible to apply any coupon codes or reductions for multiple subscriptions when automatically renewing your subscription.

Please do let us know if you have any questions regarding invoice payments or if we can improve Cableizer in order to facilitate your order handling.