Updated method for typesetting formulas

Formulas in the documentation and the reports are not simplified any more. As such, formulas are now easier to understand and compare to relevant standards.

Posted 2021-09-01
Categories: New feature

Cableizer displays formulas both in its documentation and optionally in your data sheets and simulation reports. These formulas are directly derived from the equations that Cableizer uses in its calculations. As a consequence, you can fully trust our documentation to be up-to-date. And our simulation results are fully transparent and comprehensible.

Previously, we have been relying on the sympy library for symbolic mathematics for typesetting our formulas. Unfortunately, this solution did simplify and reorganize the equations before typesetting and made some of the formulas difficult to interpret. Our new method is based on the pytexit module, which allows us to display the formulas as we want. pytexit is actively maintained and Cableizer is an active contributor to this open-source module, which converts Python expressions to LaTeX formulas.


The following image shows how the formula for the loss factor of armour by eddy currents is displayed in the Cableizer documentation.

lambda_22 formula in Cableizer

The following image shows the corresponding section in the IEC 60287-1-1 standard, clause (slightly reorganized). Despite some inevitable differences in parameter names, it can easily be confirmed that the two formulas correspond with each other.

lambda_22 formula in IEC standard

Should you find any discrepancies or doubts regarding our equations, we would as always be glad to hear from you.