Validation of calculation method for deeply buried objects

Posted on 2021-05-03

Based on the example of a deeply buried tunnel, the effect of the deep burial thermal inertia advanced option on the cable ampacity is illustrated and validated.

Cable crossing - Influence of spacing between systems and its limitations

Posted on 2021-04-26

Based on an example, the influence of the spacing between crossing systems on the cable rating is discussed and the limitations of the calculation method are outlined.

Ampacity calculations for deeply buried objects

Posted on 2021-04-18

When simulating objects that are buried deeper than a couple of metres one needs to consider the thermal inertia of the surrounding soil. Cableizer offers an alternative approach to calculate the ampacity with an equivalent depth for deeply buried objects.

Partial soil drying-out according to VDE 0276-1000

Posted on 2021-04-06

In addition to the existing IEC 60287 method, partial soil drying-out can now also been calculated based on the VDE standard 0276-1000, a method that is especially suitable for cyclic loads. It is also know as 'Heinhold' method due to its publication in the famous book by L. Heinhold and R. Stubbe. The method is based on the brilliant work from Dipl.-Ing. Franz Winkler from Siemens AG.

Cable crossing - Influence of crossing angle

Posted on 2021-03-29

Results from cable crossing simulations can sometimes be confusing at a first glance. Based on a real example, we investigate the influence of the crossing angle on the cable rating.

New module for J-tubes and risers

Posted on 2021-03-19

With Cableizer you can now calculate the thermal rating in J-tubes and risers.

Cable crossing improvements

Posted on 2021-03-12

We have been doing a general revision of the cable crossing module in Cableizer, with improvements of the preview as well as the reporting. Setting up a cable crossing simulation and evaluating its results is now significantly clarified.