Cable editor : additional user defined material parameters

We introduced optional manual inputs for user defined material parameters for metallic screen, sheath and armour.

Posted 2022-03-31
Categories: New feature

The aim of Cableizer has always been to make things easier for the user. We want to make the input user friendly and intuitive, provide a good documentation, guide the user during inputs with informations, warnings and error messages, provide lists with typical input data accessible directly in the editors as well as integrate calculators in the editor for certain parameters. While this is the right approach for many users, some desire to deviate from the standard material parameters and define specific values for thermal resistivity, specific heat capacity etc. Up to now, we focused on the insulating materials in the cables and it was not possible to set user defined material parameters for metallic screen, sheath and armour. This has changed now

With the new version from March 2022, the user has the option to set user defined material parameters for all metallic layers: conductor, screen, sheath and armour. The user can define:

  • Temperature coefficient $\alpha$ with the unit 1/K
  • Thermal conductivity $k$ with the unit W/(m.K)
  • Electrical resistivity @ 20°C $\rho$ with the unit $\Omega$.m
  • Specific heat capacity $\sigma$ with the unit J/(K.m$^3$)
  • Density $\zeta$ with the unit g/cm$^3$

At the same time, we harmonized the input for all these layers by changing the thermal resistivity of conductor material $\rho_{cr}$ to thermal conductivity of conductor material $k_c$. The parameter $\rho_{cr}$ was introduced by IEC 60287-3-3 for cables crossing external heat sources. However, the greek letter $\rho$ is typically used for electrical resistivity in metals. Now, the insulating materials use $\rho$ for thermal resistivities while the metals use $\rho$ for electrical resistivity and $k$ for thermal conductivity. We hope this makes things clearer.

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