Credit Card Payment, Currencies and Taxes

We have introduced the possibility to pay with credit card. All major credit cards are accepted.

Posted 2018-05-30
Categories: New feature, User guides

We have now introduced the possibility to pay with credit card. This will make the payment process more convenient and faster for our users. Credit card payment was a service request from some of our users which we are happy to provide.

We also added further currencies, this is specially interesting for our customers from the UK and Australia as we now provide invoice and payment in GBP and AUD.

Last but not least, we updated the handling of VAT and taxes in accordance with current tax laws and regulations.

Payment Options

All major credit cards are accepted. You will automatically receive an order confirmation and after payment is successfully completed, a receipt for the payment. The chosen subscription will be activated immediately.
You will receive an invoice with the necessary bank details for payment through your bank (SEPA or international bank transfers). This option is only available for selected customers on request. The chosen subscription will be activated once the payment was received. If you need your subscription immediately, please choose credit card payment instead.
We don't have a button for this, but if you need a specific duration and/or multiple subscriptions, you may send us a quotation request to [email protected]. Please provide all necesary information: Your full name, Cableizer e-mail or login, company and address, number of subscriptions, your desired start of the subscription(s) and their duration (in months, min. of 5 months). We'll be glad to send you a personal proposal.


We added the choice of British Pounds (GBP) and Australian Dollars (AUD).

At the same time, we had to limit the payment options for following countries:

  • Customers from Switzerland must pay in Swiss Francs (CHF).
  • Customers from countries within the European Union which have the Euro must pay in Euro (EUR).
  • All other customers can select to pay in any of the possible currencies to choose from.
  • Available currencies are: CHF, EUR, USD, GBP and AUD

Value Added Tax (VAT)

As an international company, we are bound to follow the rules and regulations of the countries where we provide our services. This applies also to electronic services such as Handling taxes correctly is important and wrongdoing, even if unintentional, may lead to surcharges and penalties. We treat this with the utmost care and gladly accept our responsibility to comply with the tax liability.

The handling of VAT is as follows:

  • Customers from Switzerland are eligible to VAT (currently 7.70%).
  • Customers from outside of Switzerland will not be charged VAT of their country as long as Braavos GmbH is not eligible for VAT in the specific country.
  • The customer, as the service recipient, is still responsible for any VAT, import tax or any other tax in his country. In the European Market, this is known as reverse charge procedure.
  • The billing address defines the VAT requirements.

Every country handles eligibility of VAT differently, in some countries, our export is always free of VAT but in most countries, a certain threshold applies. If the total value of the exports over one fiscal year into a certain country exceeds the applicable threshold, we have to pay VAT to the tax authority of this country for all services. While the threshold in most countries lies at 35'000 EUR or above, some countries know very low thresholds or it is even zero. The situation is complex and the requirements are changing each year. If it is expected that our exports into one specific country will exceed the threshold, we have to charge VAT for all customers from this country in order to have the funds to pay the taxes.

Today, we collect VAT if you are from:

Norway25.0%approx. 4'000 EUR
South Africa14.0%approx. 2'500 EUR
South Korea10.0%0
Taiwan5.0%approx. 12'000 EUR

Some countries are considering changing the tax law in 2019 and we may have to extend the list with Israel (16.0%) and Thailand (5.0%) depending on the outcome.