Error, warning, and info messages in our editors

Learn what kind of errors, warnings, and infos we display in our editors. Did you know that you can click on a message and directly go to the relevant input?

Posted 2020-12-15
Categories: Tips and tricks

Errors, warnings, and infos are displayed in the status section of both object editors (cables, heatsources, etc.) and project editors (buried, in air, etc.). They are displayed to assist you when setting up your objects and projects and ensure that the provided inputs are complete and feasible.

indicate that some inputs are missing or wrong. An object with errors cannot be used in your projects. A project with errors cannot be simulated.
indicate that some inputs need your special consideration. Objects with warnings can still be used in your projects, and projects with warnings can still be simulated. In addition, in the options you can select whether or not to include the warning messages in your reports.
indicate additional information for the user.

The following example shows how we display an error message and how you can easily fix it.

Click on messages

When selecting a buried project with drying-out of soil, you could get the following error:

Error! Thermal resistivity of dry soil is a required input > 0 K.m/W.

However, it can be frustrating to get such an error message and not knowing how to fix it. In this case, no input for the thermal resistivity of dry soil is visible. By simply clicking on the error message, Cableizer is taking you to the relevant input, which can be found in the 'Soil' tab. Cableizer automatically focuses on the input so that it is visible how to fix the error:

Categories of messages

Cableizer uses roughly the following categories of messages:

Type Description
Required input If an input is required or not can depend on the context, e.g. for a round duct its diameter is required, while for a rectangular duct its width and height are required.
Out of range Some inputs must (error) or should (warning) be in a feasible range. The message clearly indicates the applicable minimum and maximum values.
Wrong format Some inputs are required in a specific format, e.g. the crossing angle should be provided as an integer.
Conflict This type of messages concern conflicts, such a physical conflicts (e.g. that two cables physically intersect with each other), method conflicts (e.g. not following the applicable standards definitions), or application conflicts (e.g. choice of material not feasible for a certain voltage level).
Information Pure information about an available option (e.g. that you still can provide a maximum allowable conductor temperature when defining a systems load by its current), an unavailable option, or a characteristic (e.g. that calculating tunnels with multiple systems needs considerable calculation time).
Under development Some methods may still be under development. You can expect problems such as missing error messages, convergence failures, etc. Please use a method under development for your real projects with great care and only if you understand the effect it can have!

Error, warning, and info messages are intended to help you setting up your objects and projects and should not be in your way or embarrassing you. If you are missing a message, or on the contrary think that a message is wrong or too restrictive, we would be glad to hear from you. The same applies if the message text should be misleading or not understandable.