Loss factor for single point bonding

This is the loss factor caused by eddy currents for sheath bonded at a single point.

$\frac{R_{e} \left(8.33333333333333 \cdot 10^{-14} \beta_{1}^{4} t_{sh}^{4} + g_{s} \lambda_{0} \left(\Delta _{1} + \Delta _{2} + 1\right)\right)}{R_{c}}$single-core cables
$\frac{4.0 \cdot 10^{-14} \omega^{2} s_{c}^{2} \left(1 + \frac{s_{c}^{2}}{4 d_{e}^{2}}\right)}{R_{c} R_{e} d_{e}^{2}}$two-core cables with round conductors
$\frac{1.08 \cdot 10^{-15} \omega^{2} \left(12.2 + \frac{\left(0.74 d_{c} + t\right)^{2}}{d_{e}^{2}}\right) \left(0.74 d_{c} + t\right)^{2}}{R_{c} R_{e} d_{e}^{2}}$two-core cables with sector-shaped conductors
$\frac{3 R_{e} \left(\frac{4 s_{c}^{2}}{3 d_{e}^{2} \left(\frac{100000000000000.0 R_{e}^{2}}{\omega^{2}} + 1\right)} + \frac{16 s_{c}^{4}}{9 d_{e}^{4} \left(\frac{400000000000000.0 R_{e}^{2}}{\omega^{2}} + 1\right)}\right)}{R_{c}}$three-core cables with round conductors, $R_{sh}$ <= 100$\mu \Omega$/m
$\frac{4.26666666666667 \cdot 10^{-14} \omega^{2} s_{c}^{2}}{R_{c} R_{e} d_{e}^{2}}$three-core cables with round conductors, $R_{sh}$ > 100$\mu \Omega$/m
$\frac{0.94 R_{e} \left(d_{c} + t\right)^{2}}{R_{c} d_{e}^{2} \left(\frac{100000000000000.0 R_{e}^{2}}{\omega^{2}} + 1\right)}$three-core cables with sector-shaped conductors
$\frac{R_{encl} \left(8.33333333333333 \cdot 10^{-14} \beta_{1}^{4} t_{encl}^{4} + g_{s} \lambda_{0} \left(\Delta _{1} + \Delta _{2} + 1\right)\right)}{R_{c}}$GIL
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